To celebrate International Day of Happiness 2017...

we’re giving away free ‘brilliant bid team’ workshops.

To qualify, just

1. Book a Bidbank demo by this Friday 24th March

2. Sign up to Bidbank by 12th May 2017

3. Reserve a date for your 'Brilliant Bid Team' workshop

The half-day workshop is aimed at proposal / bid managers and writers and will introduce them to practical strategies for:

  • Getting the best from bid and technical teams by understanding their motivators & stressors.
  • Capturing and transforming technical content to create compelling quality responses.
  • Building team resilience, positivity and productivity.

Bidbank creates happy bid teams by bringing together your bid library, management and production to save time and help you and your teams work more efficiently.

To book a Bidbank demo and find out how you can work smarter and win more, email and quote ‘happy’.

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*A purchase order for one or more annual Bidbank licenses must be received by 5pm, 12th May 2017 to qualify for a free ‘brilliant bid team’ workshop.